Global Sense Notification System

Your Trusted Partner for All Your Environment Monitoring Requirements!

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Easy to use

Simply, mount the device, set your parameters and you’re set. For increased comfort, the system can be programmed in the language of your choice as it is multilingual. Just press the button, and you will get the required information anytime and anywhere on your device.

No Upfront Investment

You can benefit from our automated temperature monitoring systems at zero initial investment cost. We strive to make our systems as easily accessible as possible with no big initial investment.

Automated Notifications

As it is automated, our system will quickly send alerts to you when measurements are close to approaching set parameters, thereby helping you take immediate action before the problem becomes big and difficult to handle.

High Precision

Our revolutionary temperature monitoring systems are designed for performance. Based on cloud technology, our systems are the most accurate in the market for remote monitoring with ultra high and digital precision of temperature ±0.1ºC and humidity of ±1.5% RH